About Artist

            Dace Saulite

In 1999 finished Latvian Art Academy A.Naumova and K. Zarina leaded monumental painting masterstudio and now have painters degree.

Taking part in exhibitions from 1989.

Since 1989 is working as ornamental painter in apartments, private houses and offices, also in prestige apartments like Melngalvju place, Kuksu estate and Embassy of Finland in Latvia.



Important group exhibitions:

2013 – Latvian Contemprorary art in Rokiski District Museum (Lithuania)

2012 –  ”The selection” Contemprorary Latvian art exhibition, gallery „Manss”      Jekabpils, Latvia

2010 –      ‘Emotions” S. Giovanni e Paolo exibition hall, Venice, Italy

2009 – „Aquamarine” S. Giovani  e Paolo exhibition hall, Venice, Italy

2008 – „Creative communication” gallery „Manss” Jekabpils, Latvia

2008 – „Yellow woodpecker order exhibition” Krimuldas estate gallery, Latvia

2008 – „Sunny stop in Marocco” gallery „Manss” Jekabpils, Latvia

2007 – „Overthrow gladness” gallery „Manss” Jekabpils, Latvia

2007 – „Gleina” gallery „Manss” Jekabpils, Latvia

2007 – „What is happening in Latvian painting” Autumn exhibition Riga, Latvia

2005 – „Sweet memories” gallery „Manss” Jekabpils, Latvia

2004 – Incukalna artists group exhibition, Incukalns, Latvia

1998 – „Autumn 1998” Art museum „Arsenal” Riga, Latvia

1998 – Students work exhibition, Art museum Mazeiki, Lithuania

1998 – „2 professors and 18 bachelor” gallery „M6” Riga, Latvia

1998 – Students work exhibition, Europe Commission of technological supply and information bureau, Brussels, Belgium

1997 – Students work exhibition, Latvian art Academy hall, Riga Latvia

1997 – Students work exhibition, Latvian national opera house, Riga Latvia

1995 – Siguldas area artists work exhibition, Turaidas museum, Turaida, Latvia

1989 – 2013 – Art days exhibitions, Latvia

2006 – 2012 – „Big summer exhibition” gallery „Manss” Jekabpils, Latvia


Personal exhibitions:

2013- Solo exhibition, Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment            – “BIOR” hall, Riga , Latvia

2012-” The magic spectrum”, with S.Caune, gallery „Manss” Jekabpils, Latvia

2012- Solo exhibition, Straupe, Latvia

2011- Solo exhibition , Incukalns, Latvia

2011- Solo exhibition, Krimulda, Latvia

2008 – „Breakfast with south wind” Melngalvju place, Riga, Latvia

2006 – „Elixir of emotions” gallery „Laipa”, Valmiera, Latvia

2006 – personal exhibition with V. Balode, Incukalns, Latvia

2005 – „Avenue of illusions” gallery „Art garden”, Riga, Latvia

2005 – work exhibition, gallery „Manss” Jekabpils, Latvia

2005 – work exhibition, gallery „Laipa” Valmiera, Latvia

2003 – exhibition with L. Pigozni, gardening school of Bulduri, Jurmala, Latvia

2002 – work exhibition, gallery „White grand piano”, Sigulda, Latvia

2000 – work exhibition, gallery „Krasts”, Riga, Latvia

1999 – „Moment of today…”, cinema gallery, Riga, Latvia

1999 – Museum of study of local history and art museum, Olaine, Latvia

1999 – „Garden of value”, Reiterna (Journalist) place, Riga, Latvia

1998 – work exhibition, „Art gallery – caffee house, Sigulda, Latvia


Creative workshops:
2008-2009 every year: Marrocco
2009-2010 every year: Venice, Italy

2009 Nica, France

2009-2011 every year:Liepaja, Latvia

2012 – 2013  every year:Ventspils, Latvia



Latvia, Italy, UK, Ireland, Russia, Portugal